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Welcome to what is YOUR online guide to the world of real money games. We present to you a complete need-to-know guide on online casino games which are accessed right here in India. We will be look at the popular online casino games in India including online slot machines, roulette, teen patti, blackjack, and andar bahar to name a few. We will look at how real money games like the slots are made.

You will have an invaluable insight into all the best casino games so that you can fully understand what the industry of online casinos are all about. From our site, you will have access to real gambling games and these cash games will pay out in Indian rupee currency.

We will begin our look at real money casino games by discussing the platforms which host them, the online casinos available here in India.

Online casinos in India

It all begins with the casino, the platform and home to the gambling games. Casinos can easily be accessed online. Firstly, they are 100% legal because they are not based in India and secondly, there is no India law that stops players from being able to access their foreign websites.

When it comes to playing inside foreign sites, you are still able to win real money games that will payout in Indian rupees. Like any online service, where you are based and what currency you use is of no real significance.

Inside these casinos, you will find thousands of different online casino games to play. The most popular of these are the online slot machines.

Given there are so many casinos, you will find that they will often provide the same games. This is because there are only so many gaming developers that make the games, that you are bound to see many of the same titles if you were to look at each site available.

A casino’s uniqueness can be its containment of the best casino games but it mainly falls upon the services that back up the opportunities you have to play online casino games from their site.

When it comes to the building blocks of a casino, there is one important element that holds everything together, from the cash games to the rewards programme and that is the brain of the site simply known as the management tool.

The management tool stores all the data which is generated through your use of the site. For example, what casino games you play, how long you play them for, what you win, what you lose, how often you deposit and how much and so on.

Now, this is a tool which you cannot escape because every casino online has a management tool. Why does it track data? Well, one, so that it can provide a more bespoke service, this is why and how you get free bonuses suited to the games you like. Two, so it can correlate information on what areas of the casino are more popular to help improve their services. And three, so it can manage when you win or lose.

Yes, that’s right. Luck has no real bearing on what goes on inside a casino because that’s far too risky for a site that can hold over a million members. Why has no online casino service gone bust because of those million, so many won as luck would have it. It doesn’t happen because it’s all programmed and programmed to be ‘fair’.

To discuss more on this in-depth, we can now look at real money games and how they are made.

Online casino games

Online, there are so many gambling games to explore. From playing a range of live dealer features to the popular online slot machines.

Online casino games are plentiful because we are all different. Some players like to just gamble using the slots, whilst others may only intent to take part in live poker tournaments.

When discussing the the best casino games, it really is a relative matter because we each have our own end goals when we play online casino games.

First let’s discuss how the casino games are made so that you can win Indian rupees and then discuss how they tie in with the casino management tool.

So, the cash games you play online are not made by the casino. They are all independently produced by licensed developers. Some of the very best companies out there include NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger, Blueprint Gaming, Playtech, Big Time Gaming, and Play’n GO, just to name a few. There are only just over a hundred different developers out there supply games for all the casinos online that service about 1.6 billion people worldwide according to the latest reports.

That’s a lot of people that play games for real money. So, as we mentioned, you will find many of the same games built by the developers throughout the list of best casinos in India to join.

When it comes to the production side of things, the same processes are used within the core building blocks of the game. We’re talking about two things; the performance and the potential to win.

First, let us look at the potential, the chances of winnings and how luck is a deceptive term to make you believe it is all fair, when in fact it is all programmed.

There are two programs, one is the RNG algorithm and the other is the RTP algorithm.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The simple way to think of this program is that it works like a numerical bike lock. The algorithm uses some 30-billion numerical sequence, and it is there to generate life-like chance. So, with a bike lock you have 3, 4, or 5 reels of numbers that when aligned in the right order, the lock opens. Now, imagine each reel being that of a slot machine, and each number on the reel being a slot symbol. Getting all the right symbols would open the jackpot.

The RNG is thought to be the fairest form of programming used by developers. The idea that it only allows people to win based on its randomness. But some will argue that perhaps it’s flawed in being too random and that the RTP algorithm is, in fact, fairer.

The RTP is a program that stands for Return to Player. This is a percentage-based algorithm that determines wins purely based on the money they have spent on playing the game. Immediately, you would be right in the assumption that there is no challenge here because the algorithm will payout as it is programmed to do so. But what is not known is when the payout will be made.

Most RTP games come with a score of 96%. So, of the money you put in, you can expect 96% of it back at some point. 4% goes to the casino so everybody wins. Is this not the fairest way to play?

The argument between RNG and RTP will go on and one but it’s all about personal preference because, again, we are all different when it comes to the real money games we like playing.

So, that was the probability of winning, let us now look at the performance side of things with the real money casino games.

Performance is determined by what is known as the volatility program. Now, there are three levels to this. You have Low, Medium, and High.

Low performance games actually produce more frequent wins, however, these are rarely profitable win and will often be amounts lower than you wagering bet per spin.

High performance is the opposite of this, with games seemingly infrequent with landing wins. However, when they do, they are profitable. Games within this category requires players that are able to afford the long game, so ideal for High Rollers.

The Medium volatility is a happy balance of the two.

There you have it, two programming factors that play the most important roles in gaming and you were led to believe it was all luck.

So, how does all this tie in with the management tool? Well, the data shared is all about the game played, the money put into the game and the money paid out. The management tool will store this information and to better imagine it, think of the management tool as a fuel gauge that goes up to 96% or that equal to the game’s real RTP score. The more money you put in, the gauge increases and once it hits 96% it pays out.

Now, think of this… if you play even 5 games, that’s five different levels you need to hit, therefore, paying out may take a longer time. Focus on one game and it should theoretically be quicker and easier to win your money back and the management tool is there to record the process, thusly, determining when you win or lose.

Games to win real money

Now, that all seemed very cynical about the way gambling is processed online and let us not forget, you also have the odds of the game to contend with as well. But the opportunity to win is still there, nevertheless.

Yes, online slot machines are heavily programmed but the fact is, there are slots that absolutely must have jackpots drop and be won. So, what about live dealer games. How do they compare as the more traditional form of online casino games that we know of?

Well, live gaming is different from digitalised gameplay. Live features like roulette and blackjack really do inhibit luck in the real sense. There is no programming other than the streaming of the service between studio and casino.

These are all real games, using real equipment and all played in real time. Some of the more famous games in India like teen patti and andar bahar can be played in this format also and, yes, Indian rupees can indeed be paid out.

With live dealer casino games, you are also presented a new range of game show features which include options like Crazy Time, Deal or No Deal, Dream Catcher, and Monopoly Live. This expansion of gaming opens up new levels of entertainment for those wanting a break from traditional games.

This said online gaming does provide more variant options in the classic categories. Just as an example, there is more than one type of roulette game out there, there are, in fact, over 15 different kinds of online roulette which can be played, from double ball roulette to the classic European roulette.

Live gaming is now a bigger market in the industry as digitalised gaming takes a back seat. The most evidence for this can be found in the live sports betting markets where the casino’s only involvement comes in setting the odds.

Sports betting is massive, so big, in fact, that some casinos may have been lost had they not incorporated the services into their gaming portfolio. One way of judging if a casino is amongst the best in the world, they will not only provide live dealer option along with live tournaments, but they will most definitely have and should have live sports betting.

The best online casino games

What real money games are out there in the world of casinos? Which online casino games should you play, and should you avoid? Which are the best casino games?

It is time to put down your app microgames and play the real think. From andar bahar to video poker which games you should play, avoid, and hope to win real money from.

For many, the best is simply the ones they get the most enjoyment from. So, in India, the traditional games are more popular like teen patti. This game provides good odds because it’s a card game and card games a generally better to win real money from because they have more balanced odds.

Now, the issue of live and digital card gaming is iffy, because despite digital gaming being programmed and somewhat manipulated for it, games like strong>video poker are the second-best game to play online for their odds. This is behind blackjack which is basically has a house edge that is 48 to 52 in favour of the player, giving the casino only 1.48% greater chance of winning.

Some players will argue that the best games are relative to the developer. Some say NetEnt provides the better gaming because of their volatility and RTP levels. NetEnt is indeed the biggest developer out there but if you don’t like slots, it’s not going to be ideal for you.

When looking at probability and the odds, what can safely be said is that lottery gaming is unquestionably the worst to be playing. Bingo, Keno, and Lotteries are too risky, but what of scratch cards?

Well, scratch cards are basically slot games, in fact, the same can be said of video poker.

If you look at the construct of a scratch game, you set the wager amount or cost of the ticket. The higher you pay for a ticket, the bigger the returning jackpot gets. The rules are the same, match the right symbols to win. The process of spin and scratch are no different, just different ways of revealing what is the same outcomes.

Here are the top games to play based on their odds and in order:

  1. Blackjack
  2. Craps
  3. Baccarat
  4. Three Card Poker
  5. Video Poker
  6. Slots
  7. Roulette
  8. Pai Gow Poker
  9. Caribbean Stud Poker

Free games to win real money

Is it really possible to have access to free games to win real money from? Yes, is the answer and it comes about mainly from casino bonuses.

You can access real money games via special promotion bonuses that allow you to access slots with free spins and other real money games with extra cash credit.

When you play free microgames from crappy mobile apps, there is no reward, no payout. You can get real money casino games that do payout and still play for free.

As every casino is different, so too are their rewards. Casino focused on the Indian market tend to provide less roulette bonuses and focus more on rewards for games like andar bahar and teen patti which are the two big card games out there.

There are so many promotions that go on within a casino that it would be impossible to list them all here, plus, they are always subject to change.

Some examples of promotions include Game of the Week bonuses, Cashback bonuses, Free Spins, No Deposit Bonuses, and Loyalty Points.

However, it must be stressed that before you take on any promotional offer, that you read the terms and conditions that come with it. Sure, you’ll have access to cash winning games at the expense of the casino, but what’s the catch. The bonus terms reveal it all and note that nothing is ever truly free when dealing with a business in the game of finance and profiteering.

The most important part of the terms to read is the ‘Wagering Requirement’ term. This tells you of the additional cost required to be eligible to withdraw monies won with the casino bonus used.

Cash games online

So, what is all this all about? Well, it may appear hugely negative towards how real money casino games really do work, but this is just giving you the refreshing facts. All real money games come with high risk. Yes, people do play online casino games and win, in some cases, win really big amounts, but there is no guarantee.

When you look to win your real money payouts from casino games found online, pick the games that will provide the most entertainment first. This is an entertainment business, winning comes second if you’re lucky.

You can be told what India’s number one game is but it may not be fun for you. Seek your cash winning games from reputable operators. When it comes to casinos and gambling games, all your choices online are from foreign sites.

Due to the Indian national gambling laws, businesses inside of India are not allowed to make gambling services that would rival the government-owned sites. Thankfully, there is no law in India that prohibits players from accessing foreign casinos. Plus, just because it’s off-shore, doesn’t mean you can’t get games to win real money and have it payout in rupees. It is not the case. All foreign sites support INR from India-based players.

If you are taking on the task of playing real money casino games for the very first time, then it will be beneficial to learn first. There are many demo games out there, that give you official titles used in casinos, that you can play and learn from. Demo games give you time to learn and understand many things regarding how games are made, which games are more profitable. You can learn about RTPs and Volatility. Plus, you can learn more about the developers like NetEnt and Microgaming, which is so important.

There are no demo games to win real money from, they are 100% just for fun but an essential tool in gaining gaming knowledge which is perhaps the only strategy that exists and works. Knowing what to play and what not to play.

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